Permanent Hiring

CXO Hunt
Right leadership is essential to move businesses to reach their fullest potential and achieve new heights. We at Excellann understand the same and we specialize in hiring CXO level (CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, CMO, CIO, etc.)
Excellann team of consultants truly understands the leadership qualities required to head organizations and are experienced to provide finest solutions for CXO Hunt. We hold expertise in timely delivery and effective solutions in case of sudden and unexpected needs

One Time Hiring
We at are dedicated towards unleashing the potential of an organization by connecting them with right candidates with right experience, quality and productivity and at the right cost. We act as a bridge between job provider and job seeker by matching the industry specific demands with the human potential.

Excellann dedicated team of consultants are capable of planning recruitment and selection process with the use of recent technology and strategic approach. Our recruitment and selection process involves detailed research on skills and availability thorough briefing, skill assessment and validation to refer right candidates.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Excellann provides customized outsourcing solutions to manage the human resource operations of our clients. In this service process, our in-bound team takes responsibilities of entire HR TA and Operation needs of our client such as resume management, screening candidates, interview scheduling, on-boarding facilities etc. Teams are deployed both on-site and off-site to manage the client hiring needs as per their culture and structure. Our commitment towards building` sustainable manpower structure has made us build long term relations with our clients.





Out Placement

Through our outplacement services we assist our clients in handling flexible transition of their employees to new businesses or handling the tough time of work force reduction. Our team of consultants provides support to transition participants by ensuring them opportunities that are beneficial for their career.

Under our outplacement services we assist our client in strategizing and transiting downsizing the downsizing the employees to new opportunities. Our approach is not merely to provide back-up jobs to the downsizing participants; rather, we tend to assist in career transition. Our career transition serves includes skill set assessment, resume building, counselling sessions and other job orientation activities for them.



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